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Self-Proclaimed ‘Tarzan’ found Unfit to Stand Trial

A man who claimed he was Tarzan was found swingin from trees at the Santa Ana Zoo was sent to a state mental health institution last week. William Rodenborn is 37 years old and was charged with a misdemeanor for possession of a controlled substance and entering an animal enclosure at a zoo without consent. He was also charged with stealing a cellphone at a Newport Beach art gallery two days after the zoo incident. However, when the man was in court, the judge decided that the man was unfit to stand trial and that the zoo incident proved to the judge that the man is not mentally healthy. The judge said that the man was hanging from the trees just like the animals and believed that the man did not know who or what he is. After that decision, Rodenborn was immediately transferred to a mental health facility and will remain there until he is stable to return to human life.

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