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If someone you know or a loved one has been arrested, it may leave you wondering why it takes so long to get them out of jail. Well, once they are arrested in the city of Newport Beach, they will be taken to the nearest jail, which will most likely be the Newport Beach Police Department located at 870 Santa Barbara Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660. Once the inmate has arrived at the jail, an officer on duty will search the inmate again and have him or her change into jail attire and set all of his or her personal belongings aside for safekeeping.


The jailer will then ask the inmate for all of his or her personal information in order to identify the inmate and the inmate will have to take a picture as well. The jailer will then add all of this information into the Orange County Sheriff's Department's database for future reference. Once the inmate has completed all of that, he or she will then go through the fingerprinting process, which will take up most of the time because they will have to wait on the Department of Justice to run his or her prints through their database via the LiveScan Machine. The Department of Justice will be able to inform the jailer whether the defendant has any outstanding warrants anywhere in the country. The jailer will have to wait to receive these results back before clearing the inmate for bail.


If you contact one of our agents, they will be able to contact the jailer and gather all of this information for you and will get everything ready before the inmate is cleared for bail to make everything go much faster. Our highly trained agent will set a time and place to meet so that you could go over the paperwork for a bail bond and he or she will let you know the minute your loved one has been cleared for bail. When the inmate has been cleared, our agent will go with you to the jail to post the bail and to make sure that your loved one is released from jail. Once your loved one has been released, our agent will then go over all of the information with the defendant to make sure that you both understand all of your responsibilities for the bond itself. The agent will then hand one of you a receipt that will have all of the charges and court information that you will need to keep track of. One of our agents will then contact you on a later date to get the status on the court appearance and the case itself.



Getting that dreaded phone call informing you that your loved one has been arrested could flip your world upside down if you have not gone through the bail bond process before. Hearing about someone you know being in jail is one of the scariest things people will go through. However, your world does not have to seem hopeless because this is an easy fix. When you search for a bail bonds agency in the city Newport Beach, you will find that there are hundreds of listings, including a listing for Bail Bonds Newport Beach.


So what makes our agency different from the rest. Well, for starters, it is important that you choose a bail bonds agency that you could trust because you are putting the safety of your loved one in their hands. Our agency is family owned and operated and has strong family values. We hire our agents very carefully to ensure that you are only dealing with the most professional and patient agents in the industry. Collectively, our agents have over 35 years of experience and are all experts in the bail bonds process, especially for the city of Newport Beach. We have been serving the city of Newport Beach for many years and will continue to do so as long as the city needs a bail bonds agency.


It is important that you bail out your loved one out of jail as soon as possible because the longer an inmate remains in jail, the more dangerous it becomes. Our agents will not stop until your loved one is out of jail and awaiting his or her trial from the safety of his or her home. The agents at our bail bonds agency are some of the best agents in the industry and can guarantee that they are the quickest when it comes to completing a bail bond.


We have successfully bailed out hundreds of residents in the city of Newport without any hassle and each client left our office completely satisfied with the outcome. So hurry and call one of our expert agents so that we could bail out your loved one as soon as possible.


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