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The Newport Beach Police Department is located at 870 Santa Barbara Drive Newport Beach, CA 92660 and is located in the heart of the city. This Police Department has proudly served the people of Newport Beach and will continue to do so for many more years to come. The Police Department is made up of three divisions that operate under the Chief of Police, Corey S. Sianez.


Each one of these divisions have their own specialized section and units that are responsible for making sure that every part of the department is working properly. Every officer working at the Newport Beach Police Department strives to create a better work environment that is friendly and appealing to the people. The purpose of any police department is to reduce the crime rate and increase the quality of life for the residents.


Some divisions of the Newport Beach Police Department include: Administration, the Patrol Unit, the Detective Bureau, and the Traffic Unit. All of these sections must be able to work together to figure out the best way to keep the city safer by creating more innovative methods. The police rely on the help of the public to find out what is going on in the streets when there are no police around. It is impossible for any officer to know every crime that is committed at all times throughout the entire city.


The police department is open at all times for anybody who would like to talk to a police officer or detective. Whenever someone is arrested in the city of Newport Beach, they will most likely be taken to this police department, which is where the inmate will go through the booking process. Once the booking process is completed, the inmate will be held at the police department until he or she is transferred to the county jail or is bailed out of jail.


The administration department will then send the arrest report and all of the charges to the Harbor Justice Center. The Harbor Justice Center is the courthouse that the inmate will have to go to in order to resolve his or her case. If you would like to see what the police department is doing for the community or if you would like to volunteer some of your free time to help the police, then please visit the police department in order to do so.


The police at the Newport Beach Police Department urge the community to stay in touch with the officers that protect them day in and day out in order for everyone to continue to live alongside each other peacefully.

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